Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

It's a good day for treasuries on etsy today!
God. I could barely wade through them with my credit card still in my wallet!

But I held it together. Got a hold of myself.
picked these stellar items for you to enjoy.

and maybe buy for someone you love, maybe you!

Rustic Candles (Set of 6) - $54   RusticWeddingStyle
Four Eco-Friendly Glass Tumblers - $36   bottlehood
Vintage Hand-stamped Cheese Spreaders - $42.50   BeachHouseLiving
Beach Vintage Sign Pillow Cover - $35.00   myadobecottage

 It goes without saying, but I'm saying IT! I love all these items. That's why I picked them. 
I've been in love with those eco tumblers for a while now
They also fuse-cut (or however they cut them with a smooth even edge) embossed glass bottles
To get a set of your old-timey fave root beer glass bottles, or perhaps, just beer bottles as glasses
Love it.

and this is...
Self Explanatory.                                          

Black Chic Slit Tunic - $175   SHIHAR
Long Brass Necklace Bracelet - $10    BrassLady
Seagulls Moving Chaotically - $10   thebqe
Laughing Liippa Half Slip - $40   undertheroot

Ginger Cat - $22   Marjji
Funky Squares Coffee Coaster - $5   thechristmascorner
Big Picture: Tub Caddy - $110   PegandAwl

by ClassicKeepsakes           

oooooo... I feel bad for the fantastic items I left behind.
Have a great weekend.


Dana @ said...

Thank you so much for featuring our Rustic Candle Set :)

Beach House Living said...

Thank you so much for the kind mention of my cheese markers!

Those glasses are really neat.

Audrey said...

You have really great taste! LOVE those tumblers too!
Thanks so much for including my coaster :)

Venbead said...

Thank you for featuring my enamel heart necklace

TheBQE said...

So sweet of you! I am glad you enjoy my photo print! LOVELY picks, I love the bottle tumblers too! They are very cool!

Tracey said...

You're all SOOO WELCOME! you all make very beautiful things - thanks for stopping by :D

Leslie said...

funny, interesting and cool!