Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

And THIS week, I'm LATE!!

Well, there's no accounting for accountability ;)

who knows what that means??

I confuse, even myself! :D
But, wow, oh wow, have I got some fantastic finds for you today!

First, for the kid in all of us! 
yes, seriously. I just said that.

insert head shake, it's okay, I don't mind.
I do it all the time

Man in the Moon Toddler T - $22  WrenWillow
Jelly beans pillow cover - $20  miasole
Urban Picnic Rollup - $25  NstarStudio
Small Abacus Necklace - $45  aforebre

  Aren't all these colors freaking fantastic! I love them!

 Abrupt segue alert.
Speaking of things that I love...
I don't know if you've seen it, but I love the blog bodeswell - oh.
 how I envy them.

when I first met my husband, I fell for him because,
  as I said to my friend, 
'he looked like the kind of guy you could live in a bus with.' 
She said, 'no. no, he isn't.' 

She was right.

and here I am, 
11 years later, dreaming over items I would take along into my daydream of living in a VW bus with my guy...
Tall Stripes & Dots Mug - $20  owlcreekceramics
Necklush Orange and Red - $42  necklush and that model & photo is too, too fantastic to resist - he might have to come too ;)   I'm sure Brian won't... oh, never mind!
Peruvian Poncho - $350   annedrager      made from my homeland's famous/infamous Hudson's Bay Blanket
Men's Canvas Bag - $320  forestbound
don't feel too, too sad for me not having my VW dream - I'm too much of a whiner to do it for any length of time.
And while I AM CANADIAN. 
I don't like to be 
and that does cause an early wrap up to more than the odd number of camping trips!

And Finally,
did I do a 'second'?

This photographer,
Has simply fantastic spacial presence in her photos.
Her light quality is so still it's enveloping.

Stained - $25                                                       Pinky Novak - $45                                      Snow Falling on Maple - $35

Wonderful.   Odd.   Magical.

Have a great weekend!

It's a long weekend here in the US, so I'll see you Tuesday!


Agustina Fernandez said...

thank you so much!!!!!:)

snoweflake farm said...

Beautiful blog..beautiful sense of humor!! Enjoyed!! :) Thanks so much, lucy snowe

troy and stephano said...

wonderful! thank you for featuring Necklush in your wonderful site! you just made our day! have a great long weekend::)

Lisa said...

we just must be kindred spirits ..♥

I am still waiting for my VW bus... it is a must have. My best memories are traveling everywhere in our cream camper bus as a kid .. I loved that little enough to actually stand in the bus.. it was like my own little kitchen. Then when I was in high school mom traded the camper bus to a snazzy robin egg blue bus... I love their distinctive purrrr! ... great web site thanks!!

You have marvelous taste .. many my own faves!

... ps... photo & favorite hiking spot... Grand Canyon.. heard dry falls is a must do though. This summer we are going to Hells Canyon (ID & OR border) it is actually deeper than the Grand Canyon.

Owl Creek Ceramics said...

Love your point of view and beautiful blog! Thanks for having our stripes and dots mug!!