Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I have a tendency to start things and not really... finish...

Sad, but true.

It's getting frustrating.

But the muscles just run slack and my hands open. I turn my head and the next, pretty, shiny thing catches my attention.

This morning 
Philadelphia's moonlightphotography has caught my attention.
 And while that may be an easy feat, it in no way diminishes the beauty of Deborah Lehman's photography.

and so my 'to do list' sits forgotten on the table next to my scraped yogurt bowl and drained coffee mug while I just peruse this wonderful store!

I love the magic and sparkles that each of Deborah's photos exhibits.

Here's a little quote from her etsy profile:
"I have always been very passionate about photography but in recent years it has become a joy I can't do without!
I am self taught ... so here goes!

Each photo, for me, is a work of art. I love beauty so when I take a photo I love to add, enhance or simply do nothing. The fun part is the finished product, hopefully it will reach it's fullest potential.
I hope when looking and purchasing my photos
you will experience some of the joy and
passion I felt while shooting them!!"

I love that she uses as many exclamation points as I do!! :D
This last one's for my sister Jennifer, because today is her birthday, and she loves cats!! I love you, Honey! 
kisses, t

Here's hoping that your day is filled with magic and love!
(that last wish is for everyone)

PS I just wanted to include the truly fantastic treasury that led me to this fantastic artist!
Here's shayleenb's 'I went hiking on Sunday'


shari said...

Very lovely photography! I keep thinking that I want to put my photos up, but not sure about the printing process I want to use. I don't have the best printer anymore. (It was my ex's.) So I'd have to have it done somewhere...

Hey, some of us aren't "finishers". I keep my projects small because I'm prone to leaving things off... much like Leonardo da vinci, I might add! We're among one great, at least!

Tracey said...

LOL that's an awesome perspective!! :D