Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Update, whether you need one or not!

I just wanted to share this photo with you.

I took it awhile ago, but when I was looking through my photos for something to post - I realized that I hadn't posted this one!

See how the apple is in the shape of a heart? Awesome, eh?
I was teasing a friend of mine, that I see hearts so often that I was going to put together a 'found hearts collection' - I was teasing her that I was going to steal one of her photos for my collection.
She, of course, agreed! She's game for most things though :D
Anyways, the heart is always a good place to start.
Ahhhh smarmy!!!
Other than that, I have not too, too much to report.
Here's a pair of earrings that I made for a friend of mine, she doesn't read this blog so I'm pretty sure the surprise is safe! 
I've almost finished a repair of a bracelet I made for my mumma.
She had a VERY long necklace that was glass beads and gold covered plastic ones.

She always loved the glass beads, but didn't like how long the necklace was.
She could never find a reason to wear it.
she DID love to wrap it around her wrist!
So I took it apart and put the glass beads on stretch cord.

She likes to just slide things on.

It looked a little something like this,
but then it broke and she lost some of the beads.
so I added the blue glass row. 
It looks like nice, I think...
and a little bit different! Which I like.

I also made this necklace - actually, I made two of the pendants but I finally got one strung on a chain.

so I'm off to do what ever it is that the day has in store for me...
Laundry and yardwork, I think.

The MRSA in my toe seems to be responding well to the medication, so that means I can get out there and attack the jungle that my lawn has become.
(I sprained my toe last week and the MRSA got under the skin where the swelling met the nail. blast. It's hard to tell how Zeke is responding: the site has gotten bigger, but without a head anymore. so maybe good, maybe bad.)

I hope that your day is GREAT!!

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