Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday - New week, new challenges

MRSA again.

so more doctors appointments and laundry, laundry, laundry.

They say that your house will never been clean enough to prevent it, but it Zeke seems to get it just after I've been really sick and the house is a disaster zone.

so either my housecleaning skills could prevent it or when I'm sick he doesn't eat as well as he should and his immune system is weak....

Either way, I'm sure it's my fault.

But I'll make a doctor's appointment, scrub everything and SHAKE it OFF!

It's raining again today...

Which is very odd.

Moses Lake has an average rainfall of 7.69 inches.

And I think that we've gotten that already this spring!

the flowers love it!!

Now I just have to get some dirt for my garden beds
 which DO have the landscape fabric stapled into the bottom of them,
but it's been so long that the weeds, you see inside the forms, are now much taller!!

But for now
it rains.

so I've gotten a gardening reprieve.
I'll eat my cream of wheat
a rainy day MUST!

- and head to the doctor's.
wish us luck!!

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