Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Apple Pie Cake

So, last week sometime, Zeke comes in from a rousing time digging in the yard, and says, "Cake!"

"Did you want to make a cake?" I asked, thinking that he would say no.

I was wrong.

I noticed it was around the time that I start making Brian's lunch, so I told him we were going to have to 'schedule our cake making.'

As soon as Zeke got on the phone with Brian he told him we were making a 'CAKE!'
What kind?
Apple Pie Cake!

I had no idea that there was such a thing, but, ah the interweb!

And I just can't turn this guy down ;)

So apple pie cake it is!

Martha's always good for this sort of thing...

So I printed off the recipe, saw that it was for a 9" spring form pan. Now I only have one spring form pan and it's 10". 
I figured this was only a little different. 
So I made the 'necessary' adjustments.

I made a few more adjustments on the fly 
(the increases needed to be increased, so that there could be enough for a topping) and it turned out better than you'd think!

Zeke helped.

Yummy, even.

It really does need the full amount of apples!

See the ratio of fruit to 'cake'?
it's not nearly as tall as Martha's...but that was due to pan size as well as the shortage of apples!
The original recipe called for 12 and I was increasing ingredients so you'd think that I'd require more, but no.
I had 5 granny smiths. 5 would be fine.
Not juicy enough.
And the description on the recipe that this is like a combo between a pie and a crisp is kind of accurate...The cake is like the crisp topping...
all topping! So it's very sweet. I'll pick up some more apples, cook them and serve that with the rest...cause it is SUPER YUMMY!

Zeke and I highly recommend it!
Of course, he's so sensible he only ate half his piece, but he walks away from a half a cookie! It doesn't mean anything...
I swear ;)

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