Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Orange!! EtsyTreasury

So when you're on etsy, as a seller, there's a widget that groups together new listings from your favorite shops. And I've noticed that all various 'new listings' usually look REALLY good together!!

so it inspired me to put together a few treasuries, using the 'placement and choices' of what I can only suppose is a widget similar to the 'autofill widget' on picknik's collage page.
And to be fair once I started selecting items and it didn't fill all the treasury boxes, I started using my own taste.

Consequently, this is only loosely based on the esty automatic choices.
what can I say? 
I never was much of a rule follower - even the rules I make for myself :D



Nancy*McKay said...

Hi Tracey!
Thank you for visiting & commenting on my blog...i'm thrilled to "meet" you & especially pleased that you came to me via thenoisyplume...i love that lady! I, too, enjoy all things ORANGE & am currently loving it paired with GREEN!

What a SUPER Etsy shop you have too!

Tracey said...

Thanks for the wonderful compliment! And how great it is that you took a look around my shop :D
I'm much obliged, Miss Nancy!

It's nice to 'meet' you too.
I agree, thenoisyplume is wonderful!
'See' you soon.