Monday, April 4, 2011

Field Trip: Ellensburg, WA, USA

So last week, my new friend, Pamela Petry, ceramic artist extrodinaire and mother to one swell boy, invited me over to Ellensburg for a baby road trip...
well, a toddler road trip really.
We packed up our two boys and drove the hour out to 'Ellen's town'. (Seriously, that's their advertising campaign! insert head shake)

How cute are these little grape eaters, of comparable complexion? (which you'd think would make light metering easier, but hey, sometimes you just get flare...what can I tell you...

they're super pale, you'll just have to get over it.)

Anyways :D
We had a wonderful time, despite the wind storm that you see blurring out the back window!

And THIS was the view out the front window:

You can tour the windmill center and go up inside them if you by contacting
Wild Horse Wind Farm Visitor Center to schedule. We didn't go, but Pamela's been and she said it's got to go on your kids' calender! Of course, you can go if you don't have kid companions: Everyone's welcome! It's just good to know which places are kid friendly.

Pamela invited me to accompany her to Ellensburg to stop by the

gallery one visual arts center.

And what a great place!! It was definitely kid friendly, with pottery and jewelry put up on the higher shelves and its wide open spaces between displays. The boys did laps around one of the supporting walls while we looked at gorgeous, locally made art.
(I don't know if they really encourage that sort of thing, though)
There was even some interactive art that toddlers could work on.
(The stairs are steep and the floors are concrete - so you DO have to keep an eye to really short friends, but very manageable.)
Gallery one has classes for kids and events that help make the community of Ellensburg fun.
I highly recommend it as a wonderful place if you're looking for a kid friendly destination or if you're traveling with kids and can't last another minute!

We also stopped into the Ellensburg Pet Center, a beautiful, friendly pet store with lots of active lizards, turtles, fish and guinea pigs and lots of experience with kids!

They said that kids regularly come and while away the last few moments before their art classes next door.
So these folks are very accommodating! When you're in Ellensburg, look them up!

Here's a little view of the street scene in Ellensburg.

Isn't it cute town? You could walk around and visit at the wonderful shops for hours.
Great coffee and a gorgeous riverside park just the other side of HWY 90, too!
I highly recommend it!

What fun place have you been to lately?


Seeing is Believing Artistry said...

We had a great time with the boys! I just went way too fast. You know it's time to cut it short and head home when your wonderful little boy won't listen,won't stay in the shopping cart, won't eat his lunch, won't, won't, won't. Thanks Tracy for a great time and for powering through the wild child situation.
hugs! Pamela

Tracey said...

LOL No need for apologies - toddlers will be toddlers :D
hugs to you sweetie!