Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All Things Orange

Today's all about orange! (and reds and greys and greens that go with orange)
I am the only person, I know, who loves to shop for orange, and today I have definitely got it on the brain!

I've been working with copper wire alot lately,

and I've always loved coral, aquamarine and turquoise,
so it just made sense to put these elements together,

 with a little chalcedony for good measure!
As you can see, I rarely make symmetrical things,
but I recently discovered an etsy artist who takes asymmetrical to a whole new, wonderful level:


Aren't they fab?
I love them!!

Here's my latest necklace and it's not for sale, for now. :D
I just love it too much!

I it made from a gaudy, gaudy bracelet that my mom brought back on her last trip to Spain.
(It wasn't even Gaudi, I swear)
Oh, how I love it! The garage sale chain, makes it...
just perfect.
Have a great day!

1 comment:

Mia M said...

Tracey! I'm delighted to have the Vermillion set featured out here in the blogoshere :) -- thank you most kindly. I am feelin' the asymmetric love, and will be back here for visits ;). ~ Mia