Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Etsy Meanderings

It's Friday again!

And even while I bask in my post wedding glow...
(Kate & William's wedding was fantastic!!)

I thought I'd pass along a little magic to you all!

 Isn't she adorable? She's custom made to order and is made of painted, sanded quilters muslin that the makers describe as feeling like old leather! ooo so awesome! I'd love to have her!

A delicious collection to make you patio table like a fairy land - don't you hang art outside? :D
Fog One Handle Bowls - $40/2  dorothydomingo
Circus Magic Original - $425   afancifultwist
Lotus Vase - $145   WhiteEarthStudio

Look at this flag ribbon. It's so great with the green gingham and pink roses - I've always loved pink and green together

! And there's nothing so summery as gingham and roses, perhaps white wine on the deck?? Ooo and this glass set below is really nice for any little foody thing you might want to keep the flies from.

You must know that there are few orange things I can resist. And Opalescent Orange?? Please!!!
my only regret is that there is no sugar bowl...

And I LOVE buffalo nickel ANYTHING!! But buttons... you can put them on your favorite cardy and fondle them while you dream of the day these great beasts roam the plains again...
Rose Bud Bunting with 12 Small Flags - $26.58USD   SewSweetViolet
Set of 6 - Teacups with Creamer -$28   RareFindsAndMore
3 - 5 cent Buffalo Vintage Silver Buttons - $14   whiteliliesdesigns
Cloche & Globe Set - $36   TheVintageParlor

My friend, and fellow mom/artist, Pamela Petry made the great pendant below.
I always find Dragonflies the most magical of all. They remind me of the evening that hundreds of them filled the golden hour right before I met my sweetheart!

You could say they heralded my own fairy tale... I do, anyways!



Seeing is Believing Artistry said...

How funny Tracy! This is the second Blog I was featured in today within a half hour of each other. The stars must me alined in my favor today. Thank you so much!

Jo James said...

Thanks for shining a spotlight on our Zoee Bug :)
What a lovely post!

nancy monsebroten said...

Love being included . Thank you so much!


Jooles said...

thank you so much for showing my bunting, lovely blog
j x

Tracey said...

Thanks so much for checkin in and commenting! I love to hear such great feedback. But it's you talented people that inspire ME! Thank you <3