Thursday, April 28, 2011

Product review - Bubble Gun $2.99 @ Safeway

(just a quick review)

the easter bunny brought, master zeke this bubble gun for easter.
there was some eye rolling on Brian's part, but I figure if Zeke's going to try to shoot me with pencil crayons (colored pencils to the Americans in the audience)
there's no getting around the gun influence!

Just as the easter bunny supposed
Loved it!!

Sometimes he used the 'gun' as a 'stick' to hit bubbles with!

A success any way you look at it!
It says that it's for 3+ years, but Zeke's not the kinda kid to put things in his mouth, or drink the solution, so I felt safe giving it to him. He loved that the trigger made the blade go around and around.
(don't worry it's plastic and wouldn't hurt him)
That little gun was whirring non-stop for an hour. He loved that sound too!

Happy Thursday!


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