Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Esty Meanderings

Today's Meander takes us...
Back at the Treasuries!! 
I've taken a little while off from treasuries, so that I could get a handle on my schedule for blogging
(which is still 'under construction' really, but, ah well.)
But, now,
All my Facebook friends can hide my posts again :D
Well, the ones who don't know what Etsy Treasuries are!
And really, I see treasuries as my chance to play Layout Editor for that magazine job I never even came close to applying for!

I seriously could not think of what to name this one - except:
'all the cool stuff I want'
then I remembered mother's day's comin up and, hey, all my friends are 'cool' and if not 'moms,' you're all 'mumma's' - so, PERFECT!

Pass this on, so that someone can get YOU something cool! ;D


elizalou said...

Oh, I LOVE those MiaMontgomery earrings. How gorgeous would they be as wind chimes or just hanging in a room? Larger versions, of course.

Tracey said...

YES, much larger versions :D