Monday, April 11, 2011


So it's another sunny day up here on the Plateau above the Columbia River and while the Buffalo are still scarce upon this great grassland (see: none), there are plans for life.
Why talk about my 'plans for life'?
 Why mention the lack of Buffalo?

Why the big scope? Why am I looking at the big picture?
You see, MRSA has returned to our house, bringing me down, 
And though my days look like this
  I'm going to keep making plans for the future!
Cause, DAMN, MRSA bums me out!

The doctor says that because Zeke's still growing, his immunity falls low sometimes and he can get 'outbreaks' until he's fully grown...

Deep Breath.
So today...
I'm going to take joy in small things.

 make big plans

and take comfort in wonderful signs

Though I'm still trying to work out if Doves cuddling against the cold wind outside our house is a good sign or not? In empathy maybe?
And get to work!

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Sara said...

That is a beautiful photo of the doves. ~Sara, (followed your link from Annalenna HEM comments) Nice blog you have.