Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rainy Day

Today it rains
...and a few of my joints ache, so it's official.
I'm old.


It happens to the best of us!

When jewelry gets old we stop wearing it.
But do we love it any less?
We just occasionally take it out of it's hiding place in our jewelry boxes and fondle it... and reminice
It's funny how little strings of beads and stones hold memories and possibilities.

Well, I want to show you one of the ways I reworked a loved jewelry piece.

I took the original necklace apart long ago, but below is loose 'reproduction' of the necklace that belonged to a much loved person. Though none of us may particularly like the item we love the person it belonged to and so love elements of it.

We wouldn't wear this style of necklace.

But I unstrung it.
Here are the components.

Two of the earrings I made.

And a bracelet!

Now it's ready for it's new love!!
If only we could do that ;)


Nancy*McKay said...

HA...yes, i could use a little restringing myself! GREAT job adding a whole new personality & life to those individual pieces...that's ART!

Cheryl said...

Ah! That's where the globe's on chains came from! I lovelove those.

Cheryl said...

hmmmm....I have one earring from a set you gave me years ago....maybe a new pendant for me?? I'll mail it to you and you can work your magic! lol