Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Sets

So recently, I had the wonderful compliment of having a friend request that I make the jewelry for her wedding. She requested 5 sets: one for her and 4 bride's maids!

I am so honored and excited!

I love this idea. As an artisan I am always looking at jewelry wherever I go and especially weddings.
I just had to list the opportunity in my shop.
So check there, if you're interested!
With weddings it is nice because you have a color pallet but every person's will be just a little different. 
They will match, but their jewelry will also match their personalities!

She picked out a couple of my jewelry pieces that she liked and then gave me her colors and preference for materials.

I have a couple of pieces complete
(that I haven't taken photos of and my camera battery's dead, or I'd show you)
 and some half complete
(here are the halfsies!)

and am waiting on a few supplies but mostly it's been pure fun!

Have a wonderful day!

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Lisa said...

Congrats! How fun! Love the purple beads.... gorgeous!!!