Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lots can be said for avoiding Perfectionism and expressing yourself clearly.

It frees you.
Allows you to be the person who pursues the dreams of your heart, fulfills the potential of who you really are.

That all sounds pretty great!
Doesn't it?

It does,
require starting with what you've been hiding.


You know what I mean.
All that scary stuff that you wish you didn't do, that you wish wasn't true, that stuff that keeps you stuck, unable to move ahead with your dreams.

...so I've decided to start with something I have been hiding since we bought our house a year ago.
something that is really preventing me from moving ahead with my dreams.

My Studio.
I DO share my studio with a small,
rather rambunctious toddler,
but I don't know that that's enough of an excuse!!
Do you think?

It got sooo messy last week that I moved my jewellry making stuff out to the dinning room table.

And that sat there for a few days before Brian asked what was going on?

I had to come clean.

My office was too messy to work in, I told him.

I cleaned up the table and moved back into my office.

so... now that I've come clean; I'm going to have to clean up!

And what a better time than Spring!!

Wish me luck! :D

do you wish you were getting rid of something?

I wish you luck.
I hope that it goes well for both of us!


shari said...

Um, yeah. At the beginning of this year, I did a similar post and shudderingly shared the state of my studio. Embarrassment! But it pushed me to get it organized! I share mine with two cats and their big litter box... so the floor gets messy from little litter bits. Also, their fur flies all over. Gross. But it's more organized than it has been at this apartment, because I got awesome advice from my friends & readers on how to organize... you know what you've gotta do! Just do it! :-)

Tracey said...


Thanks so much Shari!!
Great Encouragement - I'll check out that post of yours and see what advice you got :D

Have a great day!